International Consultation on Agricultural Research for Development and Innovation: Addressing emerging challenges and exploiting opportunities through Information and Communication Technologies

Consultation organized by the Global Forum for Agricultural Research (GFAR), FAO of the UN (FAO), Asia-Pacific Association of Agricultural Research Institutions APAARI), International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT) Consultation held at ICRISAT, Hyderabad, India, in December 2009

The CIARD RING. A Routemap to Information Nodes and Gateways (RING) that share information related to agricultural research and innovation for development (ARD)

The Routemap to Information Nodes and Gateways (RING) is a CIARD project led by GFAR. The Routemap consists of a registry of existing information services in ARD, indexed and described in a way that makes them more easily "exploitable" for building value-added integrated services.

V Foragro International Meeting, Montevideo 2008. Institutional Innovations for Promoting Agriculture With Knowledge in the Americas of the XXI Century. Declaration of Montevideo 2008.

We, the participants of the V FORAGRO Meeting, in our capacity as such, consider that in order to achieve food security, face the challenges of agriculture and rural development in the current context, reduce rural poverty, increase food production and quality, improve the equity in the distribution of production profits, prevent negative impacts on the environment and preserve and make good use of the natural resources in the Americas, it is necessary to promote agriculture with knowledge and to adopt the perspective of innovation, which requires undertaking innovations in the technological p

3rd Programme Committee Meeting. Beijing, China 28 -29 November 2007. Progress Report: PROLINNOVA

3rd Programme Committee PROLINNOVA progree report. Background document for the Programme Committee on 28/11/2007 during the GFAR Statutory Meetings, Bejing, China, 28/11/2007-01/12/2007.

Rural innovation and support to SMEs Facilitation Unit

This proposal addresses the issues outlined during the regional priority exercise that GFAR has supported in the last year. All the regional and sub Regional Fora have identified the importance of creating programs to support innovative projects of agroindostrial development. Also there is a full recognition that knowledge, competence and expertise has to be shared among stakeholders both in developed and developing countries, and pledge to increase co-operation between the North and the South.