In this interview prepared for a recent side event to the ASEAN Conference with universities in Bangkok hosted by APAARI, Dr. Iman El-Kaffass, GFAR's Senior Adviser on Transformational Learning, Regional Dialogues and Fora Reform, explains the GFAR Collective Action on Transformational Learning and Student Leadership Development. This Collective Action involves Partners in GFAR in Higher Education and other sectors who aim to turn out graduates capable of meeting future challenges in agriculture, towards meeting the Sustainable Development Goals. This will be achieved by reforming curricula and opening classrooms to hands-on, multistakeholder education through internships and experiential learning alongside farmers and within agricultural industries. The goal is holistic student development, including the cultivation of leadership skills. 

Dr. El-Kaffass is already coordinating the launch of this initiative in the Near East and North Africa through GFAR organized workshops with the Union of Arab Universities, AARINENA and regional universities and stakeholders. A similar GFAR initiative will be started in the Asia-Pacific region with APAARI and university leaders and stakeholders.

Date: Tuesday, 30 January, 2018 - 11
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