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Organizations need to master the management of change and to reengineer themselves and their staffing and execute the necessary reform in order to be able to meet the SDGs. This reform need applies to international, regional and local research and development organizations and to formal and informal education systems who, in their turn, need to meet the needs of youth facing global challenges. GFAR targets the reform of regional fora, comprehensive transformative university learning, inter-regional youth dialogue and youth leadership development through formal and informal education, training and mentoring schemes to enable organizations and individuals to meet the current and future challenges.

This Key Focus Area includes the following GFAR Collective Actions set out together by Partners in GFAR and endorsed by the GFAR Steering Committee for future development:

Reforming and Strengthening the Regional Agricultural Research and Innovation Organizations

This Collective Action focuses on reforming Regional Agricultural Research Organizations to enable them to facilitate and support the progress achieved at the national level and to coordinate efforts to face shared challenges. This reform starts with foresight exercises and progresses through the development or organizational strategies, and the review of structures, governance and finances. It includes the development of new strategies, including communication and partnership strategies, and establishing communication plans and monitoring and evaluation systems. Regional Fora such as AARINENA and FORAGRO have benefited from this Collective Action to develop their new strategies and redirect their work to meet the Sustainable Development Goals. 

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Transformational Learning and Student Leadership in Agricultural Universities

The aim is to prepare the right caliber of graduates capable of realizing successful futures and impacting change processes in their societies and the world. This GFAR Collective Action started at the University of Nairobi in September 2017 where more than 30 participating African Universities bought into the initiative and established a platform to proceed with its planning and implementation. The initiative has been expanded to the Near East and North Africa Region in partnership with AARINENA and the Arab Universities’ Association, and was also introduced to Asia through APAARI.  A comprehensive review and reform of the vision, mission, programs and practices in agricultural universities is part of this initiative.

Inter-regional youth platforms for exchange of experience and knowledge and widening opportunities

These platforms offer rural youth in agriculture unique opportunities to take the lead in discussing their issues together and work on practical solutions to address them.  Dialogues of youth at the two sides of the Mediterranean have been taking place supporting the development of peace in their environments.