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The objective of this assignment is to engage an individual who will provide strategic leadership and management to achieve FARA’s mission. He/she will develop and maintain strategic relationships with a diverse range of stakeholders (policymakers, National Agricultural Research and Extension Institutions, farmers, private sector, NGOs, universities, sub-regional organizations, CGIAR, development partners, etc.) that FARA partners with and relies on to achieve its goals.



• Lead the development and implementation of the Forum’s strategy
• Provide vision and leadership in strategic and operational planning and implementation.
• Lead the identification of key strategic objectives and long-range strategic plans/objectives for FARA (the forum)
• Develop key performance indicators (KPI) and milestones to measure the progress and delivery of identified strategies and objectives.
• Direct and provide guidance on the FARA secretariat’s day to day operations.
• Oversee implementation of the secretariat’s risk management strategy, ensuring that institutional and operational risks are identified, managed, and mitigated.
• Ensure zero tolerance for corruption, financial mismanagement, and other forms of misconduct.
• Promote a work culture that is aligned with FARA’s value proposition and strategic direction. Develop, review, and oversee the implementation of FARA’s strategic plan and deploy sound procedures for change and growth.
• Conceptualize and deliver approaches for maintaining the apex role of FARA on the continent.
• Build and enhance strategic partnerships, as well as ensure FARA’s visibility and competitive positioning within relevant sectors.
• Serve as an ex-officio member of the Board of Directors


• Oversee the operational and human resource management of the FARA secretariat keeping with the institutional policy and procedure
• Supervise the Senior Management Team
• Ensure that the secretariat has the right talent for current and emerging needs, through effective recruitment and selection processes
• Ensure compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and agreements.
• Ensure high staff morale and staff equity and efficiency through regular review of terms of employment, incentives, staff policies and procedures and upgrading of skills as required
• Oversee the preparation of progress reports on the implementation of FARA’s programs for presentation to the Board of Directors.
• Ensure standards operational practices are in place and reviewed on a regular basis to improve the overall performance of the Institution.
• Ensure the compliance with Board approved rules and regulations for management of the secretariat.
• Ensure effective communication between management and staff for promoting a service orientation culture within the secretariat.
• Create an accountability framework for staff and be ultimately responsible to the Board for the general performance of the secretariat.


• Act as a liaison between the FARA secretariat and the Board of Directors.
• Provide, as the chief spokesperson on continental issues of agricultural research and development, support to the chairperson of the Board of Directors.
• Organize, plan, and manage all the meetings of the FARA secretariat, in consultation with the Chair of the Board.
• Ensure that sufficient information is provided to the Board for it to make appropriate decisions.
• Provide leadership in the implementation of Board decisions.
• Regularly appraise the Board on the Secretariat’s risk management efforts, including strategic and operational risks.
• Act as the secretary for the Board of Directors. ii). Keep the Board informed of the progress in managing the affairs and implementation of the mandate. iii). Provide administrative and technical support to the Chairperson and the Board. As Secretary to the Board, Support the Chairperson of the Board of Directors to formulate and circulate the agenda for the meetings of the Board of Directors.

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