Civil Society Organizations/Non-governmental Organizations in agriculture, food and rural development
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Weltweit e.V.

Acronym: SaliHort Project
Project „Piloting of Strategies to Mitigate Impacts of Salinity in Horticultural Systems of Mozambique (SaliHort)“ – Promoting Saline Agriculture in Mozambique
GFAR work stream(s) of interest: Foresight for better futures, Engaging society, Partnerships for impact, Climate change, Small farmer entrepreneurship, Capacities for innovation (TAP), Advisory services, Multi-stakeholder inclusion
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Contact person: Jakob Herrmann
Contact email:
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Geographic scope: National
GFAR Region: Sub-Saharan Africa
Address: Weltweit – Gesellschaft zur Förderung lokaler Initiativen e.V. Talstr. 1, 65812 Bad Soden, Germany
City: Maputo
Country: Mozambique
Type of Institution: Agricultural extension, Technology Transfer, Research Institute, Associations