Higher education
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Kwara State University

Acronym: KWASU
GFAR work stream(s) of interest: Foresight for better futures, Challenging the present, Engaging society, Changing the future, Partnerships for impact, Equitable partnerships, Nutrition security, Sustainability and rights, Climate change, Farmers' rights, Transformative investments, Small farmer entrepreneurship, Investments and returns, Innovative funding, Capacities for change, Capacities for innovation (TAP), Education reform, Access to data and digital technologies, Advisory services, Research in society, Gender in agriculture, Youth in agriculture, Growing out of crises, Accountability for actions, GCARD, Multi-stakeholder inclusion, International coordination
Institutional email: kwasu@kwasu.edu.ng
Contact person: Dr. Olayinka J. YUSUF
Contact email: olayinkaj.yusuf@kwasu.edu.ng
Geographic scope: National
Country: Nigeria