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Acronym: EIAR
The EIAR is working RESEARCH on Agriculture. It has functional structures that would be committed for change.
GFAR work stream(s) of interest: Foresight for better futures, Challenging the present, Engaging society, Changing the future, Partnerships for impact, Equitable partnerships, Nutrition security, Climate change, Farmers' rights, Innovative funding, Capacities for change, Capacities for innovation (TAP), Advisory services, Research in society, Gender in agriculture, Youth in agriculture, International coordination
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Contact person: Nahom Mesfin
Contact email:
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Geographic scope: National
GFAR Region: Sub-Saharan Africa
Address: Addis Ababa
City: Addis Ababa
Country: Ethiopia
Type of Institution: Agricultural extension, Rural advisory services, Technology Transfer, Agricultural Research Organizations, Biodiversity and Environmental Management, International Research Programmes, National Agricultural Research, Research Center, Research Institute, Agricultural Research Centres (ARCs), Donors / financial institutions, Farmers Organization