In July, the Tropical Agriculture Platform (TAP) announced the publication of the TAP Common Framework on Capacity Development for Agricultural Innovation Systems.  The Common Framework was published thanks to a collaboration with CABI, and TAP Partners’ contributions were welcomed at various stages of framework development. 

Now TAP is pleased to communicate that with the financial support of GFAR, TAP Framework synthesis documents have been translated into French and Spanish, and published online by CABI on behalf of TAP Partners. You can access the documents using the below links:

TAP also announces the release of the Report and Communication Sheet on the e-conference (19 April-13 May 2016) and International Symposium (21 June 2016) on Innovation systems for food security and nutrition: understanding the capacities needed" organized by FAO within the Framework of the Tropical Agriculture Platform (TAP) with financial support of USAID as part of the US/Brazil agreement to promote the implementation of the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development.

Please see:, and the related links on this website to the report and communication sheet.

TAP and CABI are Partners in GFAR. The GFAR Secretariat celebrates the work and collective actions of Partners who share in our mission to strengthen and transform agri-food research and innovation systems globally. For more information on the Partners in GFAR, and to become a Partner, click here!

Photo credit: ©FAO/Giulio Napolitano