The Global Alliance for Climate Smart Agriculture will be holding its Annual Forum from 14 to 16 June, on the theme Climate-Smart Agriculture in Action.

GACSA’s ambitious future is based upon supporting and inspiring action. Farmers, fishers, foresters, and ranchers are at the center of this action, and therefore GACSA is devoting its Annual Forum to showcasing climate-smart agriculture in action.

The Forum will be a dynamic gathering, where the participants share solutions, discuss challenges, and build partnerships on climate-smart agriculture. The forum will be moderated by Charlotte Smith, Presenter of BBC Radio 4's Farming Today. 

The event in Rome has four distinct parts. The provisional agenda is available here.

June 14th - Optional Field Visit - organised by the World Farmers'Organisation.

June 15th & 16th - Core Events including interactive sessions on:

  •  GACSA Country Case Studies - Interactive exchange among multiple stakeholders from each country (Costa Rica, France, Ireland, Malawi, Tanzania and Vietnam). 
  •  Climate Finance and Investment - Take stock of how private and public investors are mainstreaming climate change into their agriculture projects and programmes. 
  •  CSA Knowledge in Action -Highlight progress and results across the five priority work areas of the KAG.
  •  Regional CSA Alliances -Showcase the work of the regional alliances and platforms focused on CSA. 
  •  CSA Innovators Pitch- 3 ‘Innovators’ will pitch their new idea/innovation on CSA.
  •  Opportunities Ahead for CSA - Current gaps in scaling up CSA and opportunities for engagement. 

 June 17th - Meetings of the GACSA Action Groups and of the GACSA Strategic Committee

All in attendance are welcome in every session.

In addition, two exciting activities will be going on during the GACSA Annual Forum:

  • Brokered, Informal Meetings giving participants the opportunity to network, learn, share, and build partnerships within the CSA community.
  • CSA Speakers Corner allowing participants to show their tools or work related to Climate-smart agriculture 

For more information, visit the dedicated FAO page

If you are not able to attend, you are welcome to follow the event through Web streaming:

15 June: Morning session & Afternoon session

16 June: Morning session & Afternoon session

Follow the GACSA Annual Forum on Twitter: #GACSA2016


The Global Forum has been instrumental in the establishment of the Global Alliance for Climate-Smart Agriculture (GACSA), by helping to catalyze partners’ involvement in the interim Action Groups, alongside CCAFSFAOIFADWFP and WMO. Through regional workshops and national events,  the Global Forum facilitates the input of the research and development community, regional farmers’ organisations, private sector and academia. GFAR has advocated specifically for the empowerment of farmers organizations to cope with climate change through foresight activities, and this is now part of the GACSA Action Plan