Caribbean Farmers Network young leaders' blogs
Over the pass 12 months Caribbean Farmers Network (CaFAN) with funding support from one of its key EU-ACP partners CTA, embarked on a program of training, capacity building and promoting their young leaders under the age of 35 greater involvement and participation in their network leadership, management and future direction.
Read and encourage them as they share their ideas and opinion:
1. Ms. Shurdel Garcia; Trinidad
3. Ms. Imarah Radix; Guyana
4. Ms. Nakasi Fortune; Guyana
5. Mr. Joseph Braveboy; Grenada
6. Mr. Samuel Brazier; Antigua
7. Ms. Jeanine Eugene ; St. Lucia
8. Ms. Niesha Glasgow;St. Vincent
9. Ms. Sustang Fergus; St.Vincent
10. Mr. Richie Richards; Antigua
11. Ms. Sadhana Debi-Tewarie
12. Ms. Dieta Tucker; Barbados
13. Ms.Kim Yearwood; Tobago
15. Ms. Nyamekye Mapp; Tobago