GCARD2. Breakout session P3.3 Rebuilding Livelihoods in Post-Conflict and Protracted Crisis Countries: Results of the Kigali Workshop on Strengthening Capacity for Agricultural Innovation

Agricultural research and development (AR4D) systems are basic to finding the long-term solutions to the sources and motors of recurrent crises. AR4D in post-conflict and protracted crises countries invariably suffers from poor research infrastructure and financial means, high staff turnover and loss, weak regional and international collaborative research ties, and virtually in-existent intra-country collaboration between research, universities, producer organisations and the private sector.

Needs and Opportunities for a Global Partnership Initiative for Plant Breeding Capacity Building. The Context

Proposal for a GPP on Plant Breeding Capacity Building. PowerPoint presentation at the Programme Committee on 28/11/2007 during the GFAR Statutory Meetings, Bejing, China, 28/11/2007-01/12/2007.

The AIT extension on ICT capacity building for the region

Vision: AIT will strive to become a leading and a unique regional multicultural institution of higher learning, offering state of the art education, research and training in technology, societal development and management. AIT will achieve this vision by working together with its international partners and international faculty and staff, at its main campus, satellite campuses in the region, and partner institutions.

Strengthening the professional capacity of southern NGOs. Request for sponsorship

The aim of the present proposal addressed is to facilitate the participation of Southern organizations in the InterDev-NRM information service through: > the organization of a number of training sessions in Africa, Asia and Latin America on the use of the InterDev software, > the effective participation of Southern organizations in the experimental phase of InterDev (definition of norms and procedures, choice of the classification system, etc.) and inputting a first set of data into the system.

Building Capacity for the Strategic Management of Institutional Change in Agricultural Science and Technology Organizations in Latin America. The ISNAR ¿New Paradigm¿ Project

The goal of the Project is to strengthen the institutional sustainability of agricultural science and technology organizations in Latin America. Its purpose is to build conceptual, methodological and technical capacities in the management of institutional change and innovation.