Summary of E-Discussion on Right of Farmers to Data, Information and Knowledge

CIARD, with the support of the GFAR Secretariat and FAO, organized an E-discussion from 20 October until 10 November 2014 for global participation on the Rights of Farmers to Data, Information and Knowledge.   The outputs of the E-discussion and supplementary research will be used to develop a briefing paper for policy makers, actors and stakeholders on the rights of farmers for data, information and knowledge.

GCARD2. Breakout session C3.1 Sharing and Using Agricultural Knowledge - Briefing Paper. Access, Sharing and Transformation of Agricultural Data and Information

Three priority areas of action for making data and information accessible will be discussed. The first priority area is to improve investment through introduction of sound policies and coordinated global, regional and national approaches. The second priority is to develop organizational capacities to contribute to a global data, information and knowledge commons. The third priority is to make data and information accessible by promoting open content and achieving uptake of open standards.

Interim Proceedings of International Expert Consultation on “Building the CIARD Framework for Data and Information Sharing”. Beijing, 20-23 June 2011

The International Expert Consultation at Beijing from 20-23 June 2011 sought to stimulate and develop broad-based consideration of AR4D data and is an initial step in a future global activity towards more effective and efficient sharing of Agriculture research-related data and information. The specific objectives of the consultation were: 1. Take stock of the current collaborative bilateral, multilateral, global coherence frameworks and collaboration in management and sharing of information; 2. Share experiences of national, regional and global collaboration in managing, sharing and