Affiliation: CIRAD
Countries: France

Bruno Dorin was trained in economics (Ph.D., 1994), management (1989) and agriculture (1988). He began working for the French ministry of agriculture before living eight years in India where he was Director of the Centre de Sciences Humaines in New Delhi. He joined CIRAD in 2002 ( and has been involved in several international research projects (on value sharing, agricultural greenhouse gases, food-biofuel competition) before developing Agribiom, a quantitative tool for analysing and modelling the world's production, trade and use of biomass. He wrote or co-wrote five books: “National Identity and Regional Cooperation” (1999), “The Indian Entrepreneur” (2003), “Agricultural Incentives in India” (2004), “Agriculture and Food in India” (2009), “Agrimonde: scenarios and challenges for feeding the world in 2050” (2011).