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World Rural Forum is organising its VI Global Conference on Family Farming entitled: "A Decade to improve the lives of Family Farmers". The event will be held between 25 and 30 March 2019 in the city of Derio-Bilbao, Basque Country, Spain. It will bring together representatives from Farmers Organisations and other Civil Society organisations, Governments, International Organisations, Research Centres and Cooperatives from across the five continents. The Conference will be a preparatory event of the launching of the Decade of Family Farming 2019-2028

The objectives of the VI Global Conference are as follows:

  • Contribute to design the official Decade Agenda for the national, regional and global levels by developing quality inputs for the Action Plan of the Decade of Family Farming.
  • Facilitate dialogue, new partnerships and the involvement of new actors in the Decade (governments, farmers organizations, international organizations, rural associations, cooperatives, research centers, other CSOs, etc), to promote the implementation of the above mentioned Agenda.
  • Raise awareness on the fundamental importance of Family Farming for humanity and promote the Decade of Family Farming as a key tool for the SDGs fulfilment.
  • Encourage the development and implementation of public policies in favor of Family Farming that contribute to the achievement of the Decade’s agenda within the SDG framework.
  • Enhance mechanisms and platforms for policy dialogue, particularly the National Committees for Family Farming.
  • Strengthen Family Farming organizations through exchanges of knowledge, information and experience.

The Conference will be held in the Hotel Seminario Bilbao, in Derio (Basque Country, Spain).

For more information about the Conference, please visit the WRF website or write to:

2019-03-25 - 2019-03-30