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For the potential of forgotten foods to be realized, collective actions are required at the global, regional, national levels. These actions involve creating awareness and communicating the economic, nutritional, environmental and cultural values of these foods. They also involve the provision of the needed enabling environment for the development of these foods through research; empowering farmers in production; and supporting the private sector in processing, value addition marketing etc.

GFAR is joining hands with FARA to co-convene a continental consultation process that will lead to the preparation of Africa’s manifesto on forgotten foods.  FARA will thereafter facilitate the creation and operationalization of the Africa Community of Practice on forgotten foods which will represent the continent in the crafting of the global manifesto on forgotten foods and in the preparation of a plan of action.


The central objective of the stakeholder’s dialogue on forgotten foods is to develop a comprehensive stakeholder-owned Africa manifesto on forgotten foods.

Specific objectives are:

  1. Facilitating effective engagement of stakeholders in Africa’s food systems to actively contribute to crafting the manifesto on forgotten food.
  2. Validation of a working paper on the state of the forgotten foods in Africa.
  3. To increase awareness about forgotten foods and build momentum towards the subsequent implementation of the plan of action.

The full recording of the webinar is available here.

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