To address the challenges facing the Asia-Pacific food system, the EAT Foundation and the Indonesian Ministry of Health have joined forces to launch the first EAT Asia-Pacific Food Forum, which will be held on 30th – 31st October 2017 in Jakarta, the Republic of Indonesia.

The EAT Asia-Pacific Food Forum is modelled on the EAT Stockholm Food Forum, which over its four years of existence has become the leading global arena for those seeking to transform the world’s food system.

Join over 500 leading international and regional politicians, scientists, business executives, innovators, activists and chefs to address health and environmental challenges related to food in the Asia-Pacific region. They will discuss progress on transforming the food system, provide insight into the latest research, share best policy and industry practices, explore new trends, present some of the innovative ideas flourishing across the food value chain, share ideas and build synergies.

The high-level speakers will present topics ranging from changing food consumption trends, to building resilience in the food value chain, sustainable aquaculture, pathways to food security and recipes for future healthy and sustainable diets.

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The Media accreditation for the EAT Asia-Pacific Food Forum 2017 is open. Online accreditation is the only official channel to obtain registration for the media. EAT is not in a position to accept accreditations via any other channel (e-mail, fax, post, etc).

Monday, 30 October, 2017 to Tuesday, 31 October, 2017