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Publisher: Global Forum on Agricultural Research
Publication date: 05/05/2015

The Global Forum on Agricultural Research – GFAR; and the Development Fund of Norway-DF, with its local partner in Malawi, the Centre for Environmental Policy and Advocacy- CEPA, have developed this capacity building material for small-scale farmers, farmers’ organizations, decision makers and relevant stakeholders. These three institutions are aware of the need and importance of recognizing and implementing the rights of farmers over plant genetic resources for food and agriculture and associated traditional knowledge.   This capacity building material is intended, mainly, for small-scale farmers, local leaders that live and depend directly on farming; farmers’ organizations, relevant stakeholders and decision makers, including the Ministry of Agriculture; the Malawi Plant Genetic Resource Centre; agricultural research institutes; and the Seed Certification Unit of Malawi. The capacity building material on Farmers’ Rights is framed within the Capacity Building Programme on the Implementation of Farmers’ Rights implemented by GFAR; and the Community Based Agro Biodiversity Management Programme of the Development Fund of Norway undertaken in Malawi supporting small-scale farmers to achieve and sustain food security, including through their empowerment and increased local capacity.    

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