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Geographic scope
Type of Institution
Name in original language
Ινστιτούτο Γεωργικών Ερευνών
Role of record creator in institution / department
Climate-relevant agricultural research
Climate change research in my institution / department is linked to agricultural research areas
Description of climate-relevant ag research
My Institute runs climate change research projects funded by national funds and participates to European funded projetcs
Research level in your institution / department in the climate-related areas
Number of researchers in climate-related areas
Average yearly expenditure in your institution / department on climate change research in recent years (EUR)
1,000,000 - 5,000,000
Type of funding sources for your climate-related research
Does your institution / department work in OR is your research meant for / applied in any of these countries?
Successful projects
1. AGWATER (National Rsearch Foundation - Cyprus). 2. ORGANIKO (LIFE+). 3. Adapt2Clima (Life+). 4. AGROCHEPACK (MED). 5. DIVERSIFOOD (HORIZON 2020). 6. MED ALGAE (ENPI-MED). 7. Geothermal Heating of Greenhouses (Life +).
Major needs of your institution / department to increase the impact of climate research
Staffing with scientists and technicians. Due to the economic crisis a number of permanent posts remain vacant. A possible alternative is the closer cooperation with academic institutions and hosting of graduate students to run part of their research activities in ARI's premises and experimental stations.
What is the current trend of interest in climate-related research in your institution?
Increasing: especially researchers are increasingly interested
What are your institution's plans regarding climate-related research?
Keeping the current level of activity
ARI is hosting undergraduate and post graduate students coming from collaborated academic institutions, to execute part of their research under the supervision of ARI scientists. However, ARI is not academic institution and could not employ, or accept students on its own.