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Roberts, Rebecca

I am a freelancer in sustainable agriculture and food systems. Advocating both a research-based and practical approach to this field, I have a diverse range of professional work experience.  

Yost, Freya

Freya Yost is Director of Information Services at A Growing Culture, an international organization that promotes ecological agriculture through information exchange. She manages the Library for Food Sovereignty, an online platform that facilitates information sharing between small-holder farmers around the world. Prior to this position, she worked at the United Nations and at the Civitella Ranieri Foundation. Her research interests include information policy, privacy, and open data. She completed her undergraduate degree at the American University of Rome and holds an M.S.


ABioDoc, established in 1993, is a service VetAgro Sup , institution of higher education and research and has the support of the French Ministry of Agriculture. Its mission is the collection, processing and dissemination of information relevant to stakeholders in organic agriculture. Data are collected on the technical, economic and regulatory aspects of organic farming, but also related with areas such as sustainable development, agri-environment, renewable energy, short circuits.