Youth organizations
Represented members: 
more than 1000
Established in: 

Community Action for Rural Development, Ghana.

GFAR work stream(s) of interest: Foresight for better futures, Challenging the present, Engaging society, Changing the future, Partnerships for impact, Equitable partnerships (CGIAR)
Institutional email:
Contact person: Abdul-Aziz Seidu Jawula
Contact email: Aziz Jawula u
Geographic scope: National
GFAR Region: Sub-Saharan Africa
Address: P.O. Box Kp 18, Kpandai-Bimbilla Road, Kpandai District.
City: Kpandai
Country: Ghana
Type of Institution: Civil Society (CSOs), Non-governmental organizations (NGOs), Non-Profit / Civil Society, Youth Organization